Zanjir | Cryptocurrency Payment Gateway

Accept cryptocurrency
on your website.

Forget all about lengthy sign-ups, applying for merchant accounts
and being restricted to one cryptocurrency.


No hidden costs or hard-to-understand fees .Our service fee includes only 1% of each successful transaction.

Coin supported

We support all popular blockchains and coins. Currently, more than 15 famous coins are supported. BTC LTC BNB TRX USDT XLM


There is no need for registration or complicated verification steps. We do not hold any information about you or your customers.

About Zanjir Network

Zanjir has provided an attainable and flexible system for accepting crypto currency payment that supported by solid selection of merchant tools. In addition Zanjir lets merchants accept payment in more than 15 crypto currency’s.

White Label

You are allowed to use all the Zanjir services without naming us on your website or connecting your users to us. our payment gateway appear on your website as if you had made it yourself.

Online Support

We support you 24/7. ask your questions, Our professional support are ready to answer your simplest to most complex questions.


Simply connect your website to Zanjir in minutes. Our web services are very simple and clear. You only need 5 minutes! Talk to support if you have questions.

How does it work?

In this service, a temporary wallet is created for each payment request. After successful payment from your customer to the temporary wallet, the amount paid by the customer will be credited to your main wallet. All steps are done automatically and instantly.

Cryptocurrencies We Accept

We support more than 15 tokens and coins

BNB BUSD Bitcoin Dashcoin Litecoin Ethereum DAI Cake Stellar USDT TRON EGLD dogecoin matic


Check Our News

Stellar (XLM)

10 October 2021

Stellar blockchain was added to the Zanjir. The speed and low fee of this blockchain is suitable for small payments.

Currency Convetor

11 September 2021

The ability to convert exchange rates to each other at the time of payment was added to the web service

Practical suggestion

01 September 2021

The Zanjir team suggests using low-cost, fast-paying blockchains, such as: BSC TRON Litecoin


17 July 2021

Dogecoin blockchain was added to the Zanjir.


Get in Touch

If you have any questions, just contact us. Our support team is ready to respond to you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Email : Support [at]

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